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Hello and welcome to my Travel Planning Webinar Service!

This service will be the place you come to get your questions answered. Ever wonder about passport requirements for kids? Do you have legal questions regarding travel? Or have you even questioned what a beach is really like (as far as crowds or type of sand)? Let me answer those questions and more!

How does it work?
I think it’s pretty easy. Once you pay for the initial webinar, which costs $50, you will receive a lifetime pass to every other webinar I post. You will also get access to all webinars I have ever posted.

How do I decide the topics?
Easy, two weeks before each webinar, all members will be able to submit a questionnaire form. You can ask questions like: which Disney World hotel do you recommend and why, which city should I stay at when I go to Italy, or what transportation should I chose between Beijing and Hong Kong? Once I get all forms in, I’ll create a webinar based from those questions. Since you have a lifetime membership, you’ll be able to ask questions each time you plan a trip. Say you are unsure about your Hawaii trip this year, ask me your question. Next year you want to plan a Southwest getaway and run into a bit of indecision, you’ll be able to ask your question then too!

Frequently I will have guest panelists appear who are experts in their fields. You’ll be able to hear legal options regarding airline rights, safety precautions to take going abroad, or destination reports from local residents.

Another feature with the package, I will occasionally have product reviews. If you are concerned about child safety around the ocean, and want to purchase an emergency inflatable device but don’t know which one to pick, I can help! I will provide video of a few different products and rate how they perform, and if I would recommend any of them. For many travel products, many people don’t test performance, which is key to your peace of mind, so I am your guinea pig.

Each webinar will be 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes minute Q&A. I will try to answer everyone's questions in that session, however if I don't get to all questions, I will just move that to the next.

A little about me!
Over the past 20 years I've planned and helped planned many vacations across the world. I have run into many obstacles/questions and have spent many hours trying to resolve those issues. The most important thing that I bring to the table is the mindset of: I know what I know, and if I don’t know, seek expert advice. That’s why I will have expert guests occasionally, I betting on you to stump me here and there:


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