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OnTrackGear Outdoor Portable Camping Shower Kit




The OnTrack Outdoor Pressurized Rinse Off Shower is a perfect option for those looking for an option to rinse off. It's a simple, compact, practical cleaning solution at the right value. It's compact, portable design and hand powered pressurization make it ideal for on-location rinsing and cleanup. It’s small enough to fit in the corner of a car trunk, and efficient enough to give a complete shower on just 4.5 L tank.

The simple pump action design maximizes durability while emphasizing ease of use. An included shoulder strap quickly converts the shower into a flexible cleaning tool that offers portable, precision water dispensation for a variety cleaning applications. Whether you want to rinse off sand after a day at the beach, rinse off allergens after hiking in a park or a way to wash your hands at a family cookout, this is a great option for you.




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