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Hello and welcome to the “I Will” Diet Plan! A progressive lifestyle change, my plan covers several principles of healthy eating and teaches you how to improve your overall health, focusing on long-term goals.

Diet Basics
The backbone of my 20 week plan is a well-balance diet where you focus on an appropriate amount of nutritious food. The goals of the plan include: focusing on eating meals centered around lean protein and unprocessed carbohydrates (such as whole grains) as well as fruits and vegetables, moderate exercise and hydration.

Who is the Diet meant for?
Everyone! This is a way to improve your overall health and experience results in the near term, and make adjustments for the long term. If you’re hoping to lose forty pounds, then this plan will provide you the tools to reach that goal. If you’re looking to learn more about yourself and adjust what types of food you’re eating, this plan can help you as well. Overall, this plan is for anyone looking to understand nutrition better, anyone looking to improve their overall health.

What Makes my Plan Unique?
This is a progressive plan which eases you into a more traditional diet plan after an adjustment period. When I talk to people dieting, one of the main stresses is the immediate starvation. If you deprive your body nutrition at the onset of the diet, I believe this weakens your mental state. You need to be strong mentally to take on a diet, so my plan starts with an early adjustment to adjust to a more rigorous die

The plan includes several tools in order for you to succeed, such as the “I Will” spreadsheet which tracks and reports progress. The plan tracks mental health as you progress to identify where you struggle in the diet.
To eat an appropriate amount of food, my plan utilizes a tool to help you identify how much you are eating compared to the appropriate amount, and other tools to help plan weekly meals.

My plan understands that while meals need to be healthy, they also need to be tasty and satisfying. Honestly, that may be one of the biggest hurdles you face in a diet, eating new foods that just don’t cut it, taste wise. If you hate the food you’re eating, it is hard, so the plan tackles this head on, and wants to put nutritious options on your plate.

What’s Included (DONE)
In purchasing my diet plan, you will get the following:

  • The “I Will” Guide: This instructional manual is a detailed plan which touches on all my diet principles to help guide you to better choices.
  • The “I Will” Spreadsheet: This tool will track your eating habits as well as your mindset as you progress through the plan. It provides reports to help identify where you are overeating and also tracks how the plan is impacting you mentally.
  • The “I Will” Planners: This set of tools helps setup targets and goals according to the plan. The tools will help make better food choices, provide you with an exercise plan and help plan meals.
  • The “I Will” Webinars: Included in your purchase, you will get access to my webinar series. In this series, you will control content. Through questionnaire forms, you can ask questions and seek advice during your journey. Changing your lifestyle can be difficult, it’s important to hear from others and know that you’re not alone.

What this plan is not (DONE)
Generally I think this plan is for everyone, however, I will through out a couple thoughts. The goal of this plan is to lose weight in a safe and healthy way. This is not a starvation diet plan that you use to drop 20 pounds in 5 days. In my lifetime, I’ve tried those, the results are short-lived. It’s not a fad diet that restricts whole food groups. Our bodies work at an optimal level with a well-balanced diet. Other than that, as I said earlier, I think the plan is for everyone!

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