Hi there and welcome to my site!! My name is Nick, nice to meet you. This site was inspired by my family's favorite time, wait for it, Saturday Mornings! I wake up early with my three kids, pile on the couch and relax into the day. They play on their I-Pads, while I write in my notebook. Essentially, I’m a pillow. I created Saturday Morning Notebook with my family to share our love for food, travel and just having fun.

I've always wanted to write. I remember penning a 30 page book when I was in 5th grade because I loved to develop stories. The epic demon drama was not well received by my parents. To my parents dismay,  I continued to write and when two of my college professors encouraged me to pursue it as a career, I seriously considered it.


Once I got out of school, the dream kind of drifted away. Then I really started writing again when my wife and I started to travel. I would grab a notebook and write a recap of each day on vacation. That little spark has lead to numerous screenplays, recipes and travel experiences.

My Travel Section answers those nagging travel questions you have, as well as exploring different hotels and home rentals each week. So kick back and explore.

Outside of traveling, my other love is food. Growing up in Ohio, I was influenced by a lot of the Midwest classics. I guess you can say I was meat and potato raised (I literally have dozens of recipes with just meat and potatoes), but that doesn't mean I'm a one trick pony. I love cooking dishes that I learned on vacation, recipes I've created for my kids (who are allergic to milk, and well, almost everything else), and recipes with MIND diet ingredients. Hopefully you'll enjoy the recipes and find a new classic! Oh, and if you have any requests, don't hesitate! Just drop me a line, and maybe I can help you with your next meal.

My wife and I love raising our three kids. This section is geared to the activities we have with them, such as our summer plans, travel tips. That being said, when my kids heard that we started a website they wanted in. They're thrilled to bring you videos of toys, adventure and a special segment called game night ninjas! I feel like they'll soon take control of the site, but we'll try to hang on as long as possible.