Mushroom Risotto

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The first time I had a mushroom risotto, I swore I would never eat it again. I regretted ordering it after the first bite. I’ve created many risotto recipes using a wide range of ingredients, but never mushroom… Until recently. … Read More

Peach Simple Syrup

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This is a basic peach syrup recipe that can be used to flavor drinks, desserts or smoothies. It’s a great recipe as it turns something that you would normally throw away into a useful ingredient.           … Read More

Mocha Breakfast Smoothie

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Smoothies are an easy way to start the day. It’s also a low carb, low calorie option that includes a ton of protein which will help stave off hunger. With my mocha smoothie, you get a boost of chocolate with … Read More

Spanish Mega Home Rentals

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Traveling with a large family can be difficult. Traveling with several families, or taking a multi-generational trip, can flat out destroy any budget. Enter a home rental. Getting a huge house abroad can save you thousands of dollars compared to … Read More

Baked Chicken with Beet Risotto

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I love the deep purple color that the beets give to this risotto. Adding in the goat cheese to join the beets gives you that classic combination. Cooking the beets prior to adding to the risotto helps create a softer … Read More

Brisket Quesadilla

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Brisket quesadilla is a wonderful way to used leftover BBQ brisket. It provides another option to just throwing the meat in a bun. Get it a try, you won’t be disappointed!        

Gas Grill Smoked Brisket

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Smoking a brisket in a gas grill is a simple process that just takes time. The rub provides the sweet and spicy (not hot spicy) flavor, and the wood chips help develop the smoky bark that makes BBQ so special. … Read More