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For those who have never been to Spain, it's a place where you can be amazed with your every turn. You round a corner in Barcelona are you're hit by the smell of grilled calcots. You follow a dirt path down a small hill and an empty beach waits. There are moments where this country will utterly surprise you. A surprisingly affordable option for staying in Spain is renting a home. It can give you a better view than many hotels, definitely more space, and it will give your family a little more privacy to enjoy your break.

Renting a house can be a little intimidating for some, but it's so common these days, it's almost like renting a hotel room. The huge plus is the ability to rent a gorgeous house for around the same price as a hotel.

Below I have a list of homes that I would recommend based on the amenities and location. For each home I have the nightly price for rental (based on the second week in July 2021.) Then, in the little charts, I break down how much the house comes out to per room. This lets you know that the huge price tags some rental homes come with, are really a bargain. For example, a six house that rents for $500 a night. Sounds pricey right, but when you look at the cost per room of only $83, that's a steal! So for this example house, maybe you have 3 families going in on a house together, the cost per family would be $166 per night. It's like getting a penthouse suite for a fraction of the price.

So, with that, I hope you enjoy reviewing the homes below!

House 1

This 4 bedroom sits on the cliffs of southern Mallorca, which is on a small island (Balearic Islands) in the Mediterranean Sea. The home has a wonderful pool and a gated parking lot.

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House 2

This large 6 bedroom is located in Cullera, which is on the western coast, about 4 1/2 hours south of Barcelona. The villa is on the cliffs overlooking the water and has a pool and covered outdoor space.

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House 3

This beautiful 5 bedroom is located on the western coast of Spain, about a 3 1/2 hour trip south from Barcelona. The home has a pool a garage and a ton of outdoor entertaining space.

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House 4

Located near the southern tip pf Spain, about 30 minutes northeast of Gibraltar, this 6 bedroom offers a more isolated option. While set back from the coast, you'll have superb views of the water while soaking in the pool.

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House 5

This grand 5 bedroom home is 4 1/2 hours south of Barcelona. It's located in the cliffs and offers several levels of beautiful living space.

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House 6

Located near the southern tip pf Spain, about 50 minutes northwest of Gibraltar, this 4 bedroom offers a more isolated option. This option is a little more modern than the other options, and it is located steps from the beach.

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House 7

This 4 bedroom villa is another option located on the Balearic Islands. It's a tropical getaway with a pool, a large kitchen and a nearby golf course.

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