My Favorite Hong Kong Restaurants

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Traveling to Hong Kong is an exciting experience. I thought it was like New York on steroids. It's loud, bright, colorful and awesome. If you do head over, here are some of my favorites.


Dining with a View

Located in the Peninsula Hotel, you’ll be treated to stunning views of Victoria Harbour. Menu items include Wild Sea Bass, fresh pasta with blue lobster, white truffle and parmesan risotto with pumpkin and sage and A5 Kagoshima Beef.

Aqua has amazing views of Hong Kong Harbour from its stylish interior. The wall of windows allows all guests to enjoy the lights of the city across the water. You can choose from grilled beef tenderloin with a butter soy sauce, seasonal vegetables with a truffle miso cream or grilled sea bass.

Le 188 Degrees
Take views of Hong Kong from this exceptional location. High atop the Harbour Grand Hotel, the floor to ceiling windows provides endless view while you enjoy the modern European cuisine.


Fine Dining Options

Located in the Peninsula Hotel, this Michelin-starred restaurant serves French cuisine in a luxurious setting. Here you can try dishes like welsh lamb, blue lobster and duck confit, or try the 6-course tasting menu.

Above & Beyond
Here, you’ll enjoy classic and contemporary Chinese dishes while taking in the views. Enjoy dishes like BBQ suckling pig, wok-fried prawns, sweet and sour pork and HK-style Peking duck.


Great Choices for Family

Enchanted Garden Restaurant (in Disneyland)
I love Disney restaurants. I splurge on the Deluxe Dining plan every time we go to Disney World just because I love eating there. The Enchanted Garden Restaurant is another homerun by Disney. The setting, the food and the service are beyond compare.

Burger Circus
Burger Circus is a casual burger joint. It’s laid back and includes options such as single or double burger, veggie burger, spicy fried chicken and a crispy fish option.

Bubba Gump Shrimp – The Peak
I loved traveling up to the peak. We took the little tram up to the top and loved the views of the city. We got there during the afternoon, and I really wanted to stay until it was dark, just to see the city lights. So, we decided to eat at Bubba Gump. The chain restaurant did not disappoint and is a friendly spot for families.

Pizza Hut
Heading to this American institution abroad can be a very interesting experience. I remember we ate at a Pizza Hut right after visiting the Big Budha, and it was amazing. It was more upscale than a normal Pizza. I wouldn’t say fine dining level of upscale but it was getting there. The different toppings were also an eye opener.

Lung King Heen
Located in the Four Seasons, the Lung King Heen is a three-star Michelin restaurant with a kid’s menu. The restaurant has amazing views and some of the most interesting menu items. The price, it’s pretty high (even after you divide the menu prices by 7—Yuan to USD exchange). And while I say there’s a kid’s menu, you have to be adventurous, as it’s a Michelin rated kid’s menu.


Unique Dining Options

HA Cube
Have you ever wanted to fish for your food? Here, you can. There’s a big poll that you can fish for shrimp, lobster and other seafood. The restaurant provides all the necessary tools (fishing poles), and then will cook the catch on the grill. Talk about fresh seafood.

City Hall Maxim Palace
So I’ve only had Dim Sum twice while visiting HK, and this was the one I enjoyed the most. For those of you not familiar with Dim Sum, it’s a meal of small plates that’s presented to you be servers pushing around little carts. It is extremely fast paced. They stop, you decide and they’re gone. I love the dumplings and the red bean buns!


While not covered here, there are an amazing number of options while in the city. There are so many store front restaurants that you can just stop into and find a new favorite dish (it happened twice to me.) You can venture over to Soho and try one of the many family run restaurants there. For drinks in the evening, you can walk over to one of the club-like expat areas and hit a pub for a pint of Guinness. There are so many options while in the city!

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