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I love visiting Maui! The island is one of the most amazing places that I've ever been and I can't wait to take my kids there. One of the issues I have when planning a vacation with the fam, is finding a room big enough for us. Renting a home is a perfect solution for us, as well as a great option for a friends, couples or reunion trip.

Renting a house can be a little intimidating for some, but it's so common these days, it's almost like renting a hotel room. The huge plus is the ability to rent a gorgeous house for around the same price as a hotel.

Below I have a list of homes that I would recommend based on the amenities and location. For each home I have the nightly price for rental (based on the second week in July 2020.) Then, in the little charts, I break down how much the house comes out to per room. This lets you know that the huge price tags some rental homes come with, are really a bargain. For example, a six house that rents for $1000 a night. Sounds pricey right, but when you look at the cost per room of only $167, that's a steal! So for this example house, maybe you have 3 families going in on a house together, the cost per family would be $334 per night. It's like getting a penthouse suite for a fraction of the price.

So, with that, I hope you enjoy reviewing the homes below!

House 1

This 3 bedroom is a steal for the price. It's located inland and has ocean views.

Check it out here

House 2

This 2 bedroom ocean front villa is right next to the Ritz Carlton, in the Kapalua Bay Villa Resort community.

Check it out here


House 3

This 3 bedroom home sits on 1.5 acres of land. While not on the ocean, it has amazing ocean views, and is located 10 minutes from Lahaina.

Check it out here

House 4

This 2 bedroom home is located in the attached home community of Puamana, and offers an ocean front retreat.

Check it out here

House 5

This 7 bedroom is a large option (though not the largest on the list), that offers a truly luxury experience. It has plenty of indoor and outdoor space and ocean views.

Check it out here

House 6

This 4 bedroom is gorgeous. It's expensive, but it's gorgeous. It's right on the ocean, has a pool and plenty of indoor/outdoor space.

Check it out here

House 7

This 4 bedroom is a little off the beaten path, on the north end of the island. That said, you're oceanfront with endless views for only $1,000.

Check it out here


House 8

This 4 Bedroom is located in a residential space just a few minutes from Wailea. The home's pool area (with cabana) is spectacular! For those who want to be in the heart of the Wailea activity, but don't want to pay the ocean front bill.

Check it out here

House 9

This 3 bedroom option is another home located in Puamana. It boasts luxury finishes and stunning views of the ocean.

Check it out here

House 10

This 4 bedroom homse is perfect for a large family getaway or a group of friends. It has a pool, it's close to the beach, and has ocean views.

Check it out here

House 11

This 4 bedroom home is right on the beach. It's a 3,900 sq ft home that has a pool, indoor/outdoor space and wonderful mountain views. While you are off the highway, this place offers a lot more privacy and seclusion than most of options.

Check it out here

House 12

This 4 bedroom gated home sits on 4 acres. The open land gives you views of the mountains, the ocean and the rich vegetation.

Check it out here

House 13

This 9 bedroom plantation estate is massive, at 8,137 sq. ft. This option sits on 20 acre of land and has ocean views. At almost $7,500/night, it's also come with a monster price tag. That said, what a spectacular place for a wedding. The bridal party could be together, as could the parents.

Check it out here

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