Irish Countryside Home Rental

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Ireland is an enchanting place. The old world charm and picturesque countryside are what dream vacation are made of. Taking a trip to Ireland can be a very adventurous experience. After exploring Dublin, you can head out to the lush green interior, or head to one of the many coastal locations. The list below are some of the more remarkable home rentals Ireland has to offer.

Renting a house can be a little intimidating for some, but it's so common these days, it's almost like renting a hotel room. The huge plus is the ability to rent a gorgeous house for around the same price as a hotel.

Below I have a list of homes that I would recommend based on the amenities and location. For each home I have the nightly price for rental (based on the second week in July 2020.) Then, in the little charts, I break down how much the house comes out to per room. This lets you know that the huge price tags some rental homes come with, are really a bargain. For example, a six house that rents for $1000 a night. Sounds pricey right, but when you look at the cost per room of only $167, that's a steal! So for this example house, maybe you have 3 families going in on a house together, the cost per family would be $334 per night. It's like getting a penthouse suite for a fraction of the price.

So, with that, I hope you enjoy reviewing the homes below!

House 1

This five-bedroom home is located in Killarney and offers amazing views of the surrounding mountains. The charm of the brick exterior is exactly what I envision when thinking of a Irish vacation home. There’s a well-equipped kitchen, a set of bunk beds and easy access to Killarney (about 10 minutes away.)

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House 2

This five-bedroom, oceanfront home is an excellent option in the Dingle Peninsula (southwest Ireland.) The home is a touch of modern, and is absolutely a steal. The home is well decorated and offers outstanding views from many of its rooms.

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House 3

If you’re planning a family trip to Ireland, then this should be on your list! This historic, Georgian House built in 1760, is a fairytale location. It sits on 40 acres of woodlands, a short drive from Killarney. It has 16 bedrooms! That’s $100 per room, per night. Definitely a must see.

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House 4

This Victorian mansion offers 6 bedrooms and a dream location. It’s set right along Slevoir Bay of Lough Derg, Ireland's largest lake. The castle-like retreat has an excellent kitchen and a superb dining space looking out over the water.

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House 5

This eight-bedroom chateau offers 15,000 square feet of space. It’s located in central Ireland and has been beautifully restored. The kitchen is spectacular and the grounds are gorgeous.

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House 6

This seven-bedroom lakefront castle dates back to the 13th century. While wrapped in tons of history, staying here during your trip will take you back in time. It’s been restored to offer all the comforts of home.

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House 7

This six-bedroom home offers views of the Atlantic from it’s location in the north of Ireland (not to be confused with Northern Ireland.) The home is a newer build and offers many of the same amenities that you would find within your home. The home has wonderful outdoor space (with a large playset), a pool table and a large kitchen.

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House 8

This seven-bedroom option is an 18th century castle that is located near Killarney. Once owned by the Butlers of Ormonde, this luxury retreat is a fantastic option for a larger group. The home has a large grounds area to enjoy, a pool table, a large outdoor dining space and a huge kitchen.

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