Southeast Coastal Resort Adventure

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My Southeast Coastal Resort Adventure takes you to some of the nicest resorts along the eastern coast. It’s a chance to embrace the south while staying at 3 luxury resorts. On this trip you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of activities and soak up the sun while the waves crash at your feet. The adventure starts at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort. Located along the coast, just South of Charleston, SC (45 minutes), is a spectacular gem for golf enthusiasts, as well as families looking for a ton of activities. From here, you’ll drive south to The Cloister at Sea Island. Embrace the luxury surroundings as you dine at some of the best restaurants in Georgia, and relax in the world class spa. For families, Sea Island offers a long list of fun. The final destination takes you to the picturesque town of Amelia Island, Florida. You’ll stay at the Ritz Carlton, and enjoy the endless views of the Atlantic.


This is not a plan that I am selling, but a post to inspire you to explore different vacation options. With that being said, you can take this idea and adjust it to fit your needs, maybe by cutting nights or even destinations. I list the pricing after tax (except on some transport), and the prices are for July, during the peak travel time. The trip is calculated for a family of four, but I do list what a couple should expect at the bottom. So let's get started. Below are a couple maps of the trip and total cost:


Pricing Breakdown


When looking at the transportation costs of this plan, you'll be arriving in Charleston and departing from Jacksonville. I've set a budget for airfare, $300 per person, for a total of $1,200. As usual, if you have points accumulated, that would be a great way to reduce the cost of this trip.

For this adventure, I have a car rental planned in the budget, which is a total of $633 for the entire trip. You can go a little more cost effective by taking a shuttle to the first hotel, a bus to the next couple hotels and then a shuttle Jacksonville’s airport, but the cost savings will be minimal.


Hotel Summary: This adventure features destination hotels, which is one hotel per location. Below is a brief overview of each:


The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island

The Sanctuary is one of the best resorts along the east coast period. It mixes luxury accommodation options with a exceptional activity list. You can read about the resort in my post here.


The Cloister at Sea Island

The Cloisters is one of the most picturesque hotels on the east coast. Located along 5 miles of private beach in the state of Georgia, this resort has earned the Forbes 5 star rating 12 years in a row. The activities that you an chose from are absolutely amazing. There’s golf (three 18 hole courses), a fantastic spa, horseback riding, yacht cruises, paddleboarding, tennis, fishing, bowling, go for an owl prowl and so much more! Here, the accommodations are as exceptional as the service. While you can stay at one of the many options on the property, I think that The Cloister is stunning.


Ritz Carlton at Amelia Island

The Ritz Carlton brand prides itself on high end hotel offers in some of the most desirable destinations in the world, and the Amelia Island Ritz Carlton is a prime example of this. It’s beachfront location provides guests with easy beach access and endless views of the ocean. The resort offers several room options as well as a list of activities to try out while visiting. The resort has several onsite restaurants that are sure to impress.

Itinerary and Activities

Above is an idea of what a possible itinerary would look like for this trip. Everything listed above is included in the price and covers all the activities that I have planned for the trip for four family members. So, again, if you see activities that don’t interest you, you could save money by skipping.

Food Budget

The food budget is based on an average of $180 per day. I think this is a reasonable ballpark.


For couples, I've adjusted the amount spent on the flight, the activities, the food and the room rate. If you were to go, the prices would be similar to the chart below.

Thanks for stopping by and reading through my latest travel plan! If there's a region, or a trip, that you would want me to feature, just let me know!



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