Italian Countryside (Outside of Tuscany) Home Rentals

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If you're heading to Italy, one of the best ideas I can offer is to rent a home for part of the trip. If you're interested in exploring a couple destinations while there, renting a home off the beaten path would be an excellent way to unwind and recharge a little. For example, if you're interested in Rome and Milan, maybe a rental in the Lake Como region would be an option. If you want to stay on the coast, rent a home with amazing views and soak in the atmosphere. If you're traveling with a large party, where several groups want to see different sites, you can all head to different cities for the first part of the trip, and then meet up at a large rental to share experiences. There's so many ways to make it work.

Renting a house can be a little intimidating for some, but it's so common these days, it's almost like renting a hotel room. The huge plus is the ability to rent a gorgeous house for around the same price as a hotel.

Below I have a list of homes that I would recommend based on the amenities and location. For each home I have the nightly price for rental (based on the second week in July 2020.) Then, in the little charts, I break down how much the house comes out to per room. This lets you know that the huge price tags some rental homes come with, are really a bargain. For example, a six house that rents for $1000 a night. Sounds pricey right, but when you look at the cost per room of only $167, that's a steal! So for this example house, maybe you have 3 families going in on a house together, the cost per family would be $334 per night. It's like getting a penthouse suite for a fraction of the price.

So, with that, I hope you enjoy reviewing the homes below!

House 1

If you really want to go all out, this place is for you. It's a 6 bedroom home located just south of Naples, with amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea. You'll have your own pool as well as private water access. The water access is via a rocky path, which even has a small cave. The house is modern and spacious, and there's tons of space outside for dining and entertaining. This place is stunning!

Check it out here

House 2

With spectacular views of the Med, this 5 bedroom home is a perfect place for a family getaway. It's perched along a mountain side, just south of Naples. It has a beautiful kitchen space, outdoor terrace area for dining and air conditioning (all listed in this post do have a/c.)

Check it out here


House 3

This 5 bedroom home is located in the Lake Como area. From the vine-covered terrace, you'll take in sweeping views of Lake Como. The interior is rustic, and provides a fully-equipped kitchen, laundry and wood beam ceilings.

Check it out here

House 4

Located on Lake Como, this 8 bedroom home offers amazing views of the water. At this location you'll enjoy a large pool, a large terrace, a private beach (just across the road) and plenty of space for dining (both indoor and outdoor).

Check it out here

House 5

This stunning 7 bedroom estate is located about 15 minutes from Verona (between Venice and Milan.) Set on almost 4 acres, this large rental is a perfect option for a family reunion, or friends get together. At only $660/night, this place is a steal. There's a large kitchen, pool table, wood beams, beautiful interior decor, a pool, a ballroom (yes! a ballroom!) and tons of space to wonder outside.

Check it out here

House 6

This 5 bedroom home is absolutely striking. The home is encased with beautiful stone work that is beyond cool. Pair that with the amazing views and the private pool and you're in paradise. Located along the Med, on Italy's heel, you'll have the opportunity to explore the small towns around the area, as well as Lecce.

Check it out here

House 7

Located near the eastern coast of central Italy, this 4 bedroom villa is a peaceful escape. Rolling hills surround you and you'll be able to take in the stunning views from anywhere on the property (especially the pool area.) The interior is very well appointed. The wood beam ceilings throughout adds a lot of character.

Check it out here

House 8

For those of you interested in heading to Sicily for your vacation, consider this option! It's a 4 bedroom home that really takes advantage of outdoor living. The home has several spaces to enjoy the weather. It's located right on the water with beach access, it has a large pool and there's a large rooftop terrace.

Check it out here

House 9

Located along the western coast of central Italy, this option provides a ton of outdoor seating. From the covered terrace area, you'll enjoy the views of the Med.

Check it out here

House 10

Enjoy the surroundings of Umbria, staying at this 4 bedroom, old stone farmhouse. Whether you want to take a dip in the pool, or go for a stroll through the olive groves, it will provide for a perfect base to explore the region. The interior is well restored, and a step back in time. The rolling hills around the house will make you want to take a breath and wish you'd booked two weeks.

Check it out here

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