Mexican Lasagne

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My Mexican Lasagne is wonderful weekend meal for the summer time. It’s constructed with charred corn tortillas, which provides a ton of flavor, as well as two types of beans (black beans and refried beans. The meal includes ground turkey, … Read More

Peach Ice Cream

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Peach ice cream is a treat that I always look forward to in the summer. Once we get our peaches from the peach truck, I start making ice cream (and tea, and freezing peaches, canning peaches, etc). It’s a very … Read More

Southeast Coastal Resort Adventure

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My Southeast Coastal Resort Adventure takes you to some of the nicest resorts along the eastern coast. It’s a chance to embrace the south while staying at 3 luxury resorts. On this trip you’ll be able to enjoy a wide … Read More

Peach Bellini

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Looking for a summer cocktail for your next brunch party, try my peach bellini. It’s light and refreshing and full of peach flavor. By making the simple with the peach skins, the flavor is intense. I hope you enjoy!   … Read More

Calzone Supreme

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For those of you who are not familiar with calzones, it’s essentially a pizza folded in half. This recipe celebrates one of my favorite pizzas, the supreme. The flavors you get from the mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage, onions and peppers is … Read More

Peach Tea

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Peach tea is a refreshing summer drink that we love. I make the simple syrup out of peach skins that have been removed for ice cream or canning, and it gives a ton of flavor to the drink. Making peach … Read More

Strawberry Colada Sundae

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I traveled to the Caribbean a lot when I was younger and I loved getting a mixed drink on the beach. My two favorites were strawberry daquiri and pina colada. Then, one day, a bartender offered me what turned out … Read More

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