My Appalachian Grands Adventure

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The Appalachian Trail is a remarkable place to experience nature. A place for stunning views, wonderful food and a wide variety of activities. In this post I'm going to highlight some of the grand hotels that are located along the Appalachian Trail. The three destinations are great options for families and couples alike, and suitable for active vacationers and relaxcationers. You start the vacation by flying into Roanoke, Virginia, then you enjoy a scenic drive to your first destination.

This is not a plan that I am selling, but a post to inspire you to explore different vacation options. With that being said, you can take this idea and adjust it to fit your needs, maybe by cutting nights or even destinations. I list the pricing after tax (except on some transport), and the prices are for July, during the peak travel time. The trip is calculated for a family of four, but I do list what a couple should expect at the bottom. So let's get started. Below are a couple maps of the trip and total cost:


Pricing Breakdown


When looking at the transportation costs of this plan, you'll be flying into Roanoke and then the driving around, over and even under the Appalachian mountains before flying out of Asheville. Because this is another open jaw flight, I've set a higher budget for airfare, $400 per person, for a total of $1,600. As usual, if you have points accumulated, that would be a great way to reduce the cost of this trip. I think that the best option of transportation, I would venture to say the only option, is with a car.


As you can see above, the cost of the rental is $469 which includes parking fees for the Omni (only place which has fees) as well as gas. The rate, I think, is extremely reasonable. In other parts of the country renting a car for this amount of time could easily reach $700-$800, so at almost half that costs you have the freedom to explore the area. This will be especially handy in Asheville, as you'll be able to drive into town or to a hiking area along the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Hotel Summary: While each hotel does possess several similarities, I think each one stands out for its own special reason.

The Homestead
Located in north-central Virginia, The Homestead is a place where you will never be bored. The place my family really setup camp was the pool area. Here, you'll find three different sections, including: a lazy river with slide, large pool area with hot tub and then there's a kid Splash Zone. You can play a round of golf if you feel up to it. The course rolls through the mountains which provides nice elevation changes. You can also take a nature hike in the Gorge nearby, or relax at the spa.

The Greenbrier
One of the most historic hotels in the country, the Greenbrier was built in 1919 and has been visited by over 30 presidents. The location was so ideal, that in the 1950's, the government built a bunker on the grounds of the resort for Congress, in the event that we went to World War 3. The hotel also has a PGA course that you can play for relatively cheap compared to other courses. The food is outstanding, and has several different restaurants you can enjoy.

The Biltmore
The Biltmore Estate was built in the late 1800's (1889 to 1895) by George Washington Vanderbilt II, and is the largest privately owned house in the US. The sprawling grounds are well manicured and the Inn rests with the large estate. There's plenty of activities around the grounds, as well as dining options.

Itinerary and Activities

Above is an idea of what a possible itinerary would look like for this trip. Everything listed above is included in the price and covers all the activities that I have planned for the trip for four family members. So, again, if you see activities that don’t interest you, you could save money by skipping.

Food Budget

I have built-in about $125 per day which I think would be enough to get breakfast, lunch and dinner.


For couples, I've adjusted the amount spent on the flight, the activities, the food and the room rate. If you were to go, the prices would be similar to the chart below.

Thanks for stopping by and reading through my latest travel plan! If there's a region, or a trip, that you would want me to feature, just let me know!



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