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Thanks for visiting my DIY Science Page!! Below is a list of some really amazing experiments that my kids love! I've listed out the supplies needed for all the experiments mentioned. I have the links pointing to amazon, but definitely price shop for the best deals, as a lot of the items are household staples. And don't forget to dress up the DIY kit in my fancy Tote!

All the experiments you'll be able to make:
Tornado in a bottle
Pasta rocket
Underwater Candle
Flying Tea Rocket
Instant ice
Glitter Baking soda Volcano - orange food color, red glitter
Mentos fountain
Elephant toothpaste
Super absorbent test with Sodium Polyacrylate and Water
Pharaoh's snake
Cool chemical volcano - w/ Ammonium Dichromate
Pop rocks inflating a balloon
Grow a bean on a clear cup
Ivory soap microwave
Flaming hand gel
Lava lamp

Items needed:
Food Color
Purified water bottle
Hydrogen Peroxide
Olive Oil
Baking soda
White vinegar
Diet coke 2 liter
Anti-bacterial hand gel
Liquid dish soap
Sodium Polyacrylate
Lighter fluid
Sand (about 1 cup)
Ammonium dichromate
Hand full of Ziti
Pop rocks
Corn starch
Packet of green beans
Ivory soap

Make it Official!:
Test Tubes
Flask Set




(or $85 without the beakers, cylinder and flasks)

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