My Favorite San Francisco Restaurants

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San Francisco is an amazing place to visit. There's a ton of sights to see and food to try. I hope this list of some of the City's best restaurants is helpful for you!

Go for the View:


Cliff House
The Cliff House is located just outside the City, 8 miles (a 24 minute drive) from Pier 39. It's situated, you guessed it, on the edge of a cliff. The floor to ceiling windows provide an unobstructed view of the water. The Cliff House serves a little bit of everything. It has steaks, burgers, seafood, pasta, etc. The casual atmosphere means that it is a nice place to take the kids.

Top of the Mark
The Top of the Mark is on the 19th floor of the Intercontinental Hotel and gives you a 360 degree view of the City. The restaurant has live music on some nights and even has a dance floor! The restaurant serves tapas from 5pm to 10pm.

Come for the views and be blown away by the food. The Waterbar has some of the best seafood in the City. It's located in the Embarcadero area, so it would be a great place to stop after exploring the area.

Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant
Located on the western edge of the Golden Gate Park (an awesome place to spend the day by the way), is Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant. You’ll soak in the amazing ocean views while enjoying American fare.

La Mar
Located in the Embarcadero, La Mar serves up Peruvian seafood with a spectacular view of the bay bridge. The light and open atmosphere (some outdoor seating available) would be a perfect place to relax after checking out the Ferry Building.

Scoma's Sausalito
I love Sausalito! It's a quiet town that is across the Bay from San Francisco. Scomas is located right on the water, so you'll be treated to fresh seafood and waterfront views. If you're in the mood, try biking over to Sausalito for the day, but beware, biking across the Golden Gate Bridge is a serious adventure!

Hornblower Yacht company
I'm a sucker for dinner cruises. I think it's a great way to relax and see the city from a different angle. The Hornblower yacht company offers a dinner cruise for $115 per person. The 2.5 - 3 hour trip passes the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay bridge as well as showing you a unique view of San Francisco. There's live music and dancing. If you want to save a little, do the lunch cruise for $69.

Family Friendly:


Park Chow
Park Chow, which is located in the Sunset District just steps away from Golden Gate Park, is a great option, especially for families. The restaurant serves sandwiches, burgers, salads, pizza, pasta, and mains such as pork chops and steak.  The prices are affordable, in the 10-20 dollar range. This is a favorite among locals and tourists, who you might be sitting next to. The restaurant has some table that are setup side by side, almost creating a cafeteria style seating arrangement. They have a good kids menu as well.

Boudin Bakery Café Baker's Hall
Head to the Fisherman's Wharf for family fun. The bakery has a fabulous kids menu and makes some of their pastries into animal shapes.

House of Prime Rib
A San Francisco classic. Stop by to get prime rib delivered to your table on a cart.

Yank Sing
I couldn't do a list of restaurants and not include a dim Sum option. Stop in to this San Francisco food powerhouse for some classic Chinese food. Watch as servers roll around carts with small bites, grab what you want!

Lori's Diner
Ok, this is on the list because I'm positive that my kids would call this their favorite restaurant. At Lori's Diner, you can get the retro diner feel while enjoying some American fare. A lot of the booths in the diner are cars!! My wife and I thought it was fun, I can only imagine how crazy the kids would have gone!

A little different, a little fun:


Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar
The Tonga Room is unique, and oh so awesome. The tropical theme of the restaurant includes a large pool right in the center of the restaurant! The restaurant is located in the Fairmont San Francisco hotel and serves Polynesian food.

Foreign Cinema
The Foreign Cinema, which opened in 1999, has been offering a Californian slash Mediterranean menu, which changes daily, to tourists as well as locals in the Mission district. Wedged in between two warehouse like buildings, you would think the industrial vibe would be hard to create a romantic setting. But they succeeded. With candles adorning the tables, the warm lights along the exterior of the dining space and the sparkling lights above (the main dining room is an outdoor covered courtyard), create an inviting experience. Add to that a movie shown on the building face at one end of the dining space, and it's a perfect escape.

In the mood for organic wood-fired cuisine? Try Nopa. Whether it’s a wood grilled hamburger, grilled squab or wild king salmon, you’ll love the airy, two-story dining atmosphere.

El Mansour
This restaurant is a little different, which is why I love it. It has been designed to resemble a Moroccan living room, in order to go along with the Moroccan cuisine. To go with the food, the restaurant has nightly belly dancing.

Fine Dining:


Housed in the original headquarters for the San Francisco Newspaper Company, Benu carries a 3 star Michelin rating. The Korean and Chinese inspired menu is pricey, but to eat at one of the best restaurants in the world, it may be worth it.

State Bird Provisions
This restaurant serves up a variety of American small plates dim sum style. It’s a very popular place and takes reservations up to 60 days in advance.

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