The Auberge Saint-Antoine

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All photos courtesy of The Auberge Saint-Antoine

Looking for old world charm? How about European feel without crossing the Atlantic? Then I bring you the Auberge Saint-Antoine! This historic hotel is tucked away in the narrow streets of Lower Town of Old Quebec. The location is fantastic! The hotel boasts incredible history, as it was once a wharf, then a cannon battery, and then by British merchants during a time when Quebec City turned into a booming port. Numerous artifacts, recovered during an archaeological dig on the property, are on display throughout the hotel. This would be the perfect starting point to explore the City.




The hotel offers a broad range of room classes, that are contemporary, sleek and all rooms have heated bathroom floors! That's my idea of heaven. One day I'll get there, one day. The comfort level rooms are cozy, yet still large at 310 square feet (US Avg is about 325) and the rates start at 229 per night. The next level up is the Luxe rooms that are about 400 square feet. You can chose between several options, such as having a terrace, an upgraded view. Need even more space, then look to one of the suites. These rooms reside in the older portion of the hotel for a more rustic feel, yet offer wonderful amenities like deep soaking tubs, separate showers and some offer balcony views.


For a truly spectacular dining experience, try the on property Chez Muffy. This farmhouse-inspired surrounds you with stone walls, exposed wood beams and exceptional service. The restaurant is set within a historic 1822 maritime warehouse and offers some of the best French-Canadian fare in the city.


The hotel offers some amazing amenities, such as as archaeological tour, a business centre, a small movie theater, a gym (which offers some spa services) and a children's program.

My mom recently asked me, what's there to do in Quebec City. The answer, a lot. Founded in 1608, the City is located about 200 miles north of Augusta Maine, and it's amazing! It's one of the oldest cities in North America, and has the only fortified city wall north of Mexico, which is a UNESCO heritage sight. The hotel can be a jumping off point to several special experiences.

During the summer you can go on one of the following adventures:

  • For history buffs, visit the Citadelle of Quebec: This is an active military installation and official residence of both the Canadian monarch and the Governor General of Canada. It is the oldest military building in Canada.
  • Take in the extraordinary beauty of the Montmorency Falls, a 276 foot high waterfall. You can get an up-close view by walking over it via a bridge, or for the more adventurous, zip line across.
  • Looking for a little romance, head over to Croisieres AML and book a dinner cruise along the St. Lawrence for picturesque views of the city
  • Looking for a more adventurous cruise, head up the St. Lawrence river to to see whales during the fall
  • Take a ride on the Old Quebec Funicular, an ascending railway to the upper part of the City.
  • The City also has a nice aquarium that has animals such as Walrus, seals and polar bears.
  • Historic tours and shopping (don't miss out on the Breakneck Stairs).

During the winter, there are a host of fun activities:

  • The main attraction in the winter is the Carnival, which takes place at the end of January. Thousands of people descend on the City to take part in parades, shows and skating.
  • While I recommend the Auberge, why not spend one night and visit the Ice hotel, a hotel made entirely out of ice
  • In the mood to hit the slopes there are a couple slopes within an hour from the City.
  • There are several other activities you can enjoy, such as mushing, snowmobiling, and cross country skiing.

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