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My Smooth and Rich Tzatziki Sauce


I love tzatziki sauce! It's something that I fell in love with during my time at Ohio State. There was a small Greek restaurant that I would go to all the time, and... Read More

Cucumber Tomato Greek Salad


This Greek salad is something that I find to be very refreshing and light. It’s a wonderful side for any weeknight dinner such as grilled chicken or homemade gyros. It's a dish that's... Read More

Grape Sorbet


Looking for a low fat and refreshing dessert option? Then try my grape sorbet recipe! This is one I created because I wanted to celebrate my love for grape jelly. I use jam... Read More

My Honeymoon Revisited Adventure


In this week's Adventure, I'm taking you on a trip through Italy.  This trip is a re-creation of my honeymoon hitting three target areas: Rome, Tuscany and Venice. I like this trip because... Read More

Smoked BBQ Chicken


To impress a small gathering, try smoking a whole chicken! This is an amazing way to infuse mouthwatering BBQ flavor that can be eaten as is or in a sandwich (or pizza, or... Read More