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Cucumber Tomato Greek Salad


This Greek salad is something that I find to be very refreshing and light. It’s a wonderful side for any weeknight dinner such as grilled chicken or homemade gyros. It's a dish that's... Read More

Grape Sorbet


Looking for a low fat and refreshing dessert option? Then try my grape sorbet recipe! This is one I created because I wanted to celebrate my love for grape jelly. I use jam... Read More

My Honeymoon Revisited Adventure


In this week's Adventure, I'm taking you on a trip through Italy.  This trip is a re-creation of my honeymoon hitting three target areas: Rome, Tuscany and Venice. I like this trip because... Read More

Smoked BBQ Chicken


To impress a small gathering, try smoking a whole chicken! This is an amazing way to infuse mouthwatering BBQ flavor that can be eaten as is or in a sandwich (or pizza, or... Read More

Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Feta Pizza


This is a classic pizza for our house. We grow so much basil during the year, we use it for everything. This pizza has a bright and fresh flavor, and the chewy crunch... Read More

My Favorite Vancouver Restaurants


Vancouver is an amazing city to visit. Located in British Columbia, Canada (just north of Seattle), this metropolis has something for everyone. It's a mixture of cultures which gives way to several options... Read More