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Iceland Family Adventure


Taking a family trip to Iceland is a great option for those who love the outdoors. Along the trip you'll be exposed to unreal natural wonders and well as an interesting new cuisine.... Read More

My Mofongo


Mofongo! I just love the name. “Hey Dad, what’s for dinner?” “Mofongo!!!!” It’s wins the award for coolest name. Mofongo! So what is it? A classic Puerto Rican dish that uses plantains (flavored... Read More

Black Forest Tarts


If you're a fan of chocolate and cherry, this dessert might be right up your alley. I create single portion tart shells by using chocolate graham crackers and pressing the crumbs into a... Read More

My Favorite Wilmington, NC Restaurants


If you're heading to the coast this summer, I recommend stopping by Wilmington, NC. The downtown area has a lot of charm, and a stroll on the boardwalk along Cape Fear River is... Read More

Korean Steak with Sauce


My Korean steak is a combination of a celebration of a rich, sweet umami flavor. The freshness you get from the cilantro and green onions makes this recipe out-of-this-world good. Call me crazy,... Read More

Leftover Rice Congee


I love over making rice, because leftover rice is just a great ingredient to use. Sure, it dries out a little, but the cook time is reduce by a lot. Using leftover rice... Read More