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Eggnog Pancakes


Eggnog is one of those things I wish was sold year round. It probably is somewhere, just not at my grocery store. I can't get enough of the flavors, so I decided to... Read More

Turks and Caicos Home Rentals


Turks and Caicos is a fantastic island that is located just past the Bahamas, about a 1 1/2 hour flight from Miami. It is a British overseas territory, similar to Bermuda, and boasts... Read More

Chicken, Mushroom and Bean Soup


This soup recipe is a cold weather heart warmer. It’s something that gets better as it simmers. The flavors that you get from the chicken (skin and bone-in) is something I look forward... Read More

Salted Caramel Coffee Ice Cream


For those of us who live for coffee, and have a serious sweet tooth, this ice cream will hit two birds with one stone. The ice cream is an easy process that steeps... Read More

Hotel Regina Louvre


France is a country that inspires. Whether it's art, music, fashion or even love, a trip to France inspires. It's a place that will provide a memorable vacation for the young and old,... Read More

Butternut and Italian Sausage Soup


I love making soup in the fall, it's an easy meal that warms you up. In my opinion, soups are the best way to enjoy fall ingredients such as pumpkin, acorn and butternut.... Read More