Bacon Gravy

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I thought up bacon gravy because I ran out of ketchup one morning and needed something to go with my hash browns. I had just cooked bacon, and thought “why not a gravy?” For this recipe, you can use the … Read More

Southeast Coastal Adventure

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My Southeast Coastal Adventure takes you to the beautiful sandy shores of the Carolinas and embraces southern hospitality in Savannah. It’s an opportunity to enjoy some amazing cities as well as the beaches near them. The trip starts in Wilmington, … Read More

Chicken Cordon Bleu Hot Dish

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I love making chicken cordon blue, but sometimes I don’t feel like pounding out the chicken, rolling and frying the roll of ham and Swiss cheese. In cases like this, where you still want that wonderful flavor, you can enjoy … Read More

Bacon Drippings (Storing)

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Growing up, my mom would keep a jar of bacon grease on the countertop. She would use it to cook eggs in the morning instead of butter, as well as some other meals. I never thought too much of it, … Read More