Meatballs with Porcini Gravy

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Turkey meatballs in a mushroom gravy, served with mashed potatoes, does it get much better? For those of you who have never tried this style of meatball, it's somewhere between a meatball stew and Swedish meatballs. My recipe is a low fat option that uses turkey meatballs and leaves out the cream. You never miss the fat because the beef broth and porcini mushrooms create a ton of flavor. Like I said, it goes really well with mashed potatoes, but egg noodles are a great option too. I hope you enjoy.


1 Pound ground turkey
1 Egg
1/3 Cup of parmesan
1/2 Cup of Stove Top stuffing
1 Tablespoons ketchup
2 Teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce
1/2 Teaspoon salt

For the rest of the meal:
1/2 oz dried porcini mushrooms
1 1/2 Cup beef broth
1 Tablespoon of butter
1 Tablespoon of vegetable oil
2 Tablespoons of flour
1/4 Teaspoon ground black pepper
1/3 Cup milk
1/2 Teaspoon salt


  • Bring your beef broth to a low simmer. Turn off the heat, add the porcini mushrooms, cover and set aside.
  • Make the meatballs: Add the ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, egg and parmesan into a bowl and mix to combine. This is so all that flavor is evenly mixed in the meat. Add the breadcrumbs and meat and mix all ingredients with your hands. Form the meat into meatballs a little smaller than a golf ball, slightly larger than a quarter.
  • Add meatballs to a pan over medium heat and cook for 8 to 10 minutes turning occasionally. You want to brown them on several sides, so very delicately flip the meatballs as you go during the cooking time.
  • Sprinkle flour into the pan. Incorporate the flour, by rolling the meatballs in the flour and mixing with any liquid on the bottom of the pan. Cook 2 minutes.
  • Add the beef broth and porcini mushrooms. Stir and shake the pan to make sure that the broth and meatballs are all are getting coated. You want to make sure the meatballs are really getting incorporated into liquid because the flour that's on the meatballs, and that's on the bottom of the pan, is forming your gravy. Cook for 8 minutes stirring often.
  • Once the sauce has thickened, add the milk, pepper and salt. Cook another 4-5 minutes.

That's it! Serve over next to mashed potatoes or over egg noodles. Enjoy!


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