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My Appalachian Grands Adventure
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The Appalachian Trail is a remarkable place to experience nature. A place for stunning views, wonderful food and a wide variety of activities. In this post I'm going to highlight some of the... Read More

My Honey Glazed Ham
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Honey glazed ham is a fun dish to make because you can create different takes on classic, according to your tastes. This recipe is something that I came up with one day because... Read More

BBQ Ground Turkey and Lentils
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Barbecue turkey and lentils are easy and fairly healthy (minus the sugar from the barbecue sauce.) I say that it’s healthy because you're using a lean protein (ground turkey) and a natural grain... Read More

Clams and Linguine
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Clams and linguine is a wonderful and light recipe for the spring. It was one of the first things that I cooked when I graduated college and moved into my first apartment. I... Read More

Many Glacier Hotel
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The rocky mountains of Montana surround you. They tower high above. A cool breeze off Swiftcurrent Lake fills your lungs. You exhale the crisp morning air back to nature. It's better than a... Read More

Braised Carolina Pulled Pork
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Today I'm bringing you a dutch oven BBQ recipe. In this recipe, I'm going with a Carolina style BBQ, because I love the mustardy tang that you get from the pork. I hope... Read More