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Pizza Rice Supreme
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So I know the name is a little weird, but it explains the dish perfectly! This recipe is almost like having a pizza, just in a really different format. You'll enjoy all the... Read More

US History Adventure
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My US History trip is an amazing opportunity to explore our Country's history. It will take you from the Boston Harbor to the Statue of Liberty, and then to the U.S. Capitol. You... Read More

Chicken Cacciatore
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This is one of the first meals that made me feel "cheffy." I'm not sure why, maybe it's the name, "Hey everyone the cacciatore is ready, come eat the cacciatore!" I love the... Read More

My Favorite Denver Restaurants
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Denver, the mile high city, is a lively city to experience both nature and an urban vibe. Nature lovers can bike, hike and pretty much go. After exploring, you can always refuel and... Read More