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Holiday Vanilla Mint Cocktail


I love the holidays! One of my favorite parts of the holidays, are all the smells. I love the smell of making a fire, both inside and outside. I love the smell of... Read More

Utah Splendor Adventure


My Utah Splendor Adventure takes you through the natural beauty of our 45th state. Utah has so many natural wonders to explore, it can be an eye opener for the young and young... Read More

Raisin Pecan Cinnamon Crepes


Raisin pecan cinnamon crepes are perfect for any fall day. The warm flavors of cinnamon and maple highlight the tastes of the season. By adding both raisins and pecans, you get a wonderful... Read More

A Midwest Classic: Hot Brown


For those of you not familiar with a Hot Brown, it’s an open-faced sandwich, covered in a cheese sauce which is browned under the broiler. It’s kind of like a really decadent club... Read More

Cranberry Orange Rum Cocktail


I love the flavor combination of cranberry and orange. I’ve tried several fall drinks, but this is one that I always go back to. It’s a poplar one to have for a party!... Read More